Virtual Cancer Cachexia Conference 2020
September 10-11, 2020

Virtual Program  

All presentations will be recorded

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Keynote Address
10:45 am Introductions – Denis Guttridge, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina, USA
11:00 am Kenneth C.H. Fearon Keynote Lectureship
Annemie Schols, PhD
Maastricht University, Netherlands
Optimizing tumor treatment by new insights in cancer cachexia. No time to waste
Panel Discussion: Where are we in designing the proper trial?
12:15 pm Moderators:
Marie Fallon, MD – University of Edinburgh, UK
Stein Kaasa, MD – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Thomas R. Jagoe, MD – McGill University, Canada
Tora Solheim, MD – St. Olavs Hospital, Norway
David Currow, MD – University of Technology, Australia
Clinical Advances in Assessments and Management in Cancer Cachexia
1:15 pm Richard Dunne, MD
University of Rochester, USA
Measurement selection in cachexia clinical trials: Are we missing the mark?
1:45 pm Jose Garcia, MD, PhD
University of Washington, USA
Novel insights on body composition and physical function in patients with cancer cachexia
2:15 pm Eric Roeland, MD
Harvard University, USA

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Mechanisms of Skeletal Muscle/Organ Wasting
10:00 am Imed Gallouzi, PhD
McGill University, Canada
The iNOS/NO pathway drives mitochondrial dysfunction to promote cancer-induced muscle wasting
10:30 am Norbert Perrimon, PhD
Harvard Medical School, USA
Insights on cachexia from a Drosophila model of organ wasting
11:00 am Daniel Marks, MD, PhD
Oregon Health & Science University, USA
Bystander brain injury in cancer cachexia
Next Generation Researchers in Cancer Cachexia
Rishi Jain, MD – Fox Chase Cancer Center, USA
Cynthia Stretch, PhD – University of Calgary, Canada
11:45 am Speaker 1 – TBA
12:00 pm Speaker 2 – TBA
12:15 pm Speaker 3 – TBA
12:30 pm Speaker 4 – TBA
12:45 pm Speaker 5 – TBA
1:00 pm Speaker 6 – TBA
Cancer Cachexia Biomarker Initiative and Advancing Therapeutics
1:15 pm Tania Kamphaus, PhD
Foundation of National Institutes of Heath, USA
Introduction to FNIH and Biomarker Initiative
1:30 pm Teresa A. Zimmers, PhD
Indiana University, USA
Markers of Cachexia in Oncology – Project Overview
2:00 pm Danna Breen, PhD
Pfizer, USA
Growth differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15) is a key regulator of cancer cachexia
Cancer Cachexia Society and Future Conferences
2:30 pm Denis Guttridge, PhD
Medical University of South Carolina, USA
3:00 pm Closing Remarks

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