5th Cancer Cachexia Conference
Bridging Molecular Advances to Clinical Care
Montreal, Canada, September 11-13, 2020


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to invite you to take part in our next Cancer Cachexia Conference: Bridging Molecular Advances to Clinical Care.

This fifth edition meeting will take place in Montreal, Canada September 11-13th, 2020. The meeting, international in scope, will feature outstanding speakers, all leading scientists and physician-scientists actively working in the area of cancer cachexia. Oral and poster presentations along with time allotted for social interactions will fill the 3 day program. We plan to repeat the pre-meeting focused on the advancement of clinical trials, with an emphasis on functional outcome measures and clinical trial results. We are excited to be adding several new topic sessions to our the 5th conference, titled “Metabolic Dysfunction in Cancer Cachexia,” “Nutrition Imbalance and Strategies in Cancer Cachexia,” “Therapy-induced Muscle Dysfunction and Wasting,” and “Mechanism of Muscle Wasting: Microenvironment.”

We are excited that these and other activities in our program will ensure a successful meeting and encourage you to join us in Montreal in September 2020!

Conference Chair: Dr. Denis Guttridge, Medical University of South Carolina
Co-Chairs: Dr. Marie Fallon, University of Edinburgh, Dr. Imed Gallouzi, McGill University, and Dr. Teresa A. Zimmers, Indiana University


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